NC mom captures memorable moment between girls, officers at Bojangles’

KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – Two police officers made the night of two little girls in an area Bojangles’.‎

Photo by ‎La’Kiya Quinerly via WNCT CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

La’Kiya Quinerly posted about the encounter on Facebook Saturday night just after 9.

In the post, she wrote the two officers spoke to her daughters as they were on their way into the restaurant. The officers then proceeded to pick up their order and sit down.

At that time, Quinerly had to grab the fresh food she and her daughters were waiting on.

When she returned, she found her daughters had made their way over to the officers and struck up a conversation with them.


She said, the officers “made my daughter’s night as they asked every question that comes to their mind.!!!!!♡♡♡”

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