Apex baby given just a weekend to live marks major milestone

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — A baby from Apex born with a potentially fatal condition has just marked a major milestone.


Camden Minnick’s parents say people who donated blood helped save their son’s life.

There are few sights sweeter than a baby’s smile, especially when the little boy giggling on his dad’s lap was once given little chance of living.

“They told us he was going to pass away. They diagnosed him on a Friday and said he will not survive the weekend,” said Camden’s mom, Carrie.

Ten days after he was born, Camden Minnick was diagnosed with an immune system disorder called HLH. It causes the body to destroy own red blood cells and platelets.

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“You could look at him and see how sick he was. I mean, he was struggling for life,” said Camden’s dad, Charlie.

Camden was born with a multitude of issues, Carrie said.

“When he was born he had a very low platelet count in his large spleen, he had brain damage and his body was just eating his platelets and red blood cells,” she said. “He was on a platelet drip and just getting constant blood transfusions.”


Carrie and Charlie had both donated blood before, but neither expected to be on the receiving end of such a precious gift.

“We had given blood without knowing the true need,” Carrie said. “I think when you think about giving blood and think of trauma or car accidents or gunshots; you don’t think of little babies fighting diseases, HLH, leukemia, lymphoma, you don’t think of that.”

But that is exactly what they say saved Camden, along with chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant when he was just five months old.

“He’s here today and I’m holding him today because people took the time out of their lives to donate and we appreciate it. I can’t say how much we appreciate it,” Carrie said.

Camden, the boy who was given just a weekend to live, celebrated his first birthday last month. birthday.

“He’s doing great and it looks like he will be a long-term survivor,” Carrie said.

Now the Minnicks say giving blood is an even more important part of their lives and they encourage everyone they know to donate.

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