Fayetteville police say they expect more accusers in massive child sex case

Rodney Scott on Wednesday in court. Photo by Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — An eighth accuser has now come forward with sex abuse claims against ex-Fayetteville basketball coach Rodney Scott.

Scott was arrested last May after a 15-year-old said he was molested at Scott’s home, according to police.

Abuse allegations against Scott span 13 years. Most of the accusers are former basketball players.

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Fayetteville Police say they’ll be talking with hundreds of young people who came into contact with Scott before this case is complete.

Police also say outside of the eight accusers, at least three others claim they were molested by Scott but refuse to press charges.

Scott appeared before a Cumberland County Judge Wednesday on 105 new sex abuse charges.

Police say the reported abuse occurred in 2012.

The latest accuser first reached out to police about the case last year.


“I think it’s great, somebody else stepped up and was willing to speak up on what happened to them,” said one of Scott’s previous accusers, who did not want his identity revealed.

To protect his privacy, CBS North Carolina is calling him John Doe.

Doe contacted police about Scott last year.

Doe says during 2005 and 2006, he played for Scott’s AAU basketball team and was molested by Scott at least five times.

“Is started off as touchy, feely, then it progressed,” Doe said.

Scott coached basketball in Fayetteville for more than 20 years. He also served as a substitute teacher, Safe Schools coordinator and foster parent.

Police say Scott preyed on youth with troubled backgrounds, those with behavior issues and children raised in single-parent households.

“There were some allegations made in the past that were not founded at the time, but now when we re-look into it, we have all these people that are coming out now and everybody is cooperating with each other,” said Fayetteville Police Lt. John Somerindyke.

District Attorney Billy West says Scott could enter his plea to the charges within the next few months.

If the case goes to trial, West says each accuser must testify in court.

“If we have to attend trial, then I’ll be there and even if we don’t have to, I still will be there,” John Doe said. “I wanna know that justice was served to everybody in the situation.”

Police say they anticipate even more people to come forward with claims against Scott.

Scott remains in Custody at the Cumberland County Jail on a bond over $21 million.

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