Warm winter has meant slow sales for Central NC businesses, but now winter looms again

(Carleigh Griffth | CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Even though we’re expecting some winter weather this weekend, it’s been pretty scarce this season. The lack of snow and ice is having an impact on seasonal businesses and the folks who clean up our roads.

Logan’s Garden Shop in downtown Raleigh has been doing its best to keep up with the temperatures. One display says it all: on one side there are flowers soaking up the sun, and right next to them sits Ice Melt for what may come this weekend. It’s a dilemma that’s creating some unique problems.

“We actually sold a lot of ice melt and sleds and other winter type items,” said Robert Logan, owner of Logan’s.

Logan says they did well selling winter items for January’s storm, so they stocked up on more.

“Counting on more cold weather that didn’t come, so we have some supplies left,” said Logan.

Those supplies are sitting unsold in storage. Ferns now take up the space once occupied by sleds, and vegetables line the outside wall where Ice Melt was kept. But, there is an upside to the unseasonably warm weather.

“Since the weather in February this year was so good, we were able to have the best February sales in plant material that we’ve had,” said Logan.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is doing good on its budget too, spending $45.6 million statewide this season.

“That’s well below our budget which is $60 million. And we have some stock pile behind that so we’re in good shape right now,” said NCDOT spokesman Steve Abbott.

They’re all stocked up on salt and sand as well, so without a winter weather catastrophe they’ll end the season in the green.

“Once winter’s over, (we will) decide: Do we carry that over and sort of have a fund so we have some money to start for next winter? And then we can add to it. Or if there’s a need maybe put it somewhere else in maintenance funds,” said Abbott.

NCDOT will have their plans finalized by Friday morning. Crews may start brining roads Friday depending on the temperatures. Logan advises all those that have started planting already to protect what’s in the ground from the coming cold temperatures.

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