WATCH: Arkansas college student juggles for cops after getting pulled over

CONWAY, Ark. (CBS/AP) — An Arkansas college student who moonlights as a magician showed off his juggling skills after he was pulled over for a broken brake light, and the act was captured on an officer’s body camera and police cruiser video.

University of Central Arkansas police pulled over 21-year-old Blayk Puckett last week in Conway, about 25 miles northwest of Little Rock.

Police say Puckett was driving slowly and officers suspected that he may have been under the influence. UCA police spokesman Michael Hopper says the officers quickly saw that Puckett was sober and they agreed to give him a warning before Puckett revealed he was a magician.

CBS affiliate KTHV spoke with Sergeant Keith McKay who was at the scene.

“I could tell pretty much from that initial contact, and no odor coming from the vehicle, that he was okay to drive,” he said.

A YouTube video of the encounter was posted on March 6 and has been watched nearly a million times thanks in part to news coverage and a post on Reddit.

Another angle of Pucket’s juggling was uploaded to YouTube showing off his skills.

“I was juggling for a police officer. I mean you hear jokes about this stuff so of course I had to film it. I would have been silly not to,” Puckett told KTHV.

Puckett, whose license plate read JUGGLER, volunteered to juggle some bowling pins.

He quipped: “This is the new sobriety test in Conway.”


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