Morrisville police chief: ‘We won’t ask for papers.’

(Kelly Kennedy | CBS North Carolina)

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The news of immigration raids happening across the country has many local residents concerned about the future. On Friday, the police chiefs of Morrisville and Cary hosted a community discussion.

Citizens were invited to ask questions. Many people were concerned about traffic stops and wondered if they needed to have their green cards or visas on them at all times.

“We do not seek out anyone to deport,” said Morrisville Police Chief Patrice Andrews. “A traffic stop for us is just that; it’s a traffic stop. We’re not initiating a traffic stop to check immigration status. We’re not going to ask for papers.”

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Others asked if it was possible for ICE to come and raid their homes. Andrews said it could happen, but it would have nothing to do with local law enforcement.


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