170+ flights canceled at RDU as snowstorm hits northeast US

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A big snowstorm that’s now hitting the northeastern United States is having an impact on RDU.

On a normal day, Raleigh-Durham International Airport will see about 30,000 people. Tuesday, with so many flights canceled, officials expect to see less than half of that number.

According to the RDU Twitter account, more than 170 flights, mostly to the northeast, have been canceled so far today.

Paul Abrams, of Durham, looked at the arrival board at RDU, and said, “I think ours is going to be unaffected. Oh my gosh, but everything else looks like it’s cancelled. Wow! Wow! I am really shocked!”

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“Most people seem to have heard that their flight to the northeast isn’t happening today and stayed at home or made other arrangements accordingly,” RDU spokesman Andrew Sawyer said.

But even flying south you will find delays and cancellations.

Al Carpenter, who was headed to Haiti, was even affected by the weather.

“I was a little bit [surprised]. I did not know where our connecting flight was coming from, but when I heard Boston I was surprised it had made it. I know they have a lot of snow there,” he said.


All that snow means it will take airlines a few days to get passenger where they need to go.

“Our flights are OK because we are going from here through Atlanta,” Karlele Hewal-Lowe, of Greenville, said. “But my brother, he is in New York and his LaGuardia flight was scheduled for this morning, got canceled, so he’s been re-booked tonight.”

A number of flights were canceled Monday night as well.

One of those flights canceled by the storm was for a group of 31 parents, teachers and students from two Wake County schools who were headed overseas for a school-sponsored trip.

Grades six through eight from East Cary Middle School and Salem Middle School were supposed to be flying to Ireland and Wales via Newark, New Jersey.

The group said that about the same time as they arrived at the airport they received a text message from United Airlines saying the flight to Newark was canceled because of the weather.

The group managed to figure out a solution.

A parent said United Airlines re-booked the group on an another airline’s direct flight from RDU to London. They flew out on American Airlines later Monday evening.

RDU officials urge travelers to check with their airline to make sure their flight hasn’t been canceled before leaving for the airport.

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