30-year NC Highway Patrol veteran spends hours every week installing child car seats

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s Chris Morris’ attention to detail that will grab parents’ attention. He says he tries to warn them first.

“I say this to parents regularly. I say, ‘I can’t help but tell you I’m picky.’ I have to be picky in this situation or I might miss something,” said Morris.

First time parents probably appreciate it. Morris is often the first person they see after leaving UNC Rex Hospital. He spends a few hours each week installing car seats.

The 30-year North Carolina State Highway Patrol veteran has seen his fair share of car crashes.

“There have been some crashes that you don’t really like to talk about,” said Morris. “ They are unfortunate, they have happened, so we move on.”

Sit him down with Tanya Taylor, and he has no problem discussing her wreck.

“We got sideswiped by an 18-wheeler and the car was rolling and rolling,” said Taylor.


The crash happened 10 years ago, just four weeks after Morris had installed a car seat for her newborn son Kaleb.

“He showed us so many different small details that I probably wouldn’t have paid attention to had he not helped me install the car seat,” said Taylor.

It’s been eight years since their paths last crossed, but when we brought them together again, Taylor wanted Morris to know it paid off to be picky.

“It makes me feel good that I did something right,” said Morris.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, car seat use reduces the risk for death to infants by 71 percent.

Morris helps install car seats in front of the UNC Rex Hospital Women’s Center weekdays.

For more information call 919-784-3100.

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