NC Uber driver suspended, investigated, for making unwanted advances on women

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A Greenville Uber driver has been suspended by the company for complaints filed against him saying he made unwanted advances on female passengers.

The news has led to a separate investigation by Greenville Police.

Multiple incidents have been reported after an initial Facebook post from one of the alleged victims went viral.

The post describes the driver asking for the passengers phone number, and then repeatedly calling, texting, and trying to add her on social media accounts following the ride. Since the post first appeared, at least five other girls have described similar incidents.

In one case, the girl described being locked in the driver’s car until she agreed to give him her number.

In each case, the girls reported the driver was more interested in talking to them, than he was on driving. ECU junior Deidra Babson said she had to point out the traffic light had changed to him multiple times.

Babson said as the ride continued, the conversation went downhill.

“He said, ‘I can take you out on a date if you don’t mind going out with an older man,’ and I’m like oh my gosh. Yeah, alright bye, you know, and quickly scooted into the apartment,” Babson said.


Babson had given the driver her number earlier in the ride, after he said he could help tutor her in some of her classes. After receiving multiple calls without answering, she realized that was a mistake.

The driver, who we aren’t identifying until formal charges are filed, is a former psychiatrist in Greenville who had his medical license revoked in April of 2016.

Babson said she is worried about what happens with girls who are drunk that get into his car.

“He could see I was intoxicated enough to where he sees where I live, he can just try and help himself in,” she said. “You never know what could have happened.”

Other ECU students who rely on Uber to get around found out about the incident on Facebook.

“I guess it doesn’t really surprise me that someone can take advantage of the situation like that because people are really vulnerable and typically intoxicated,” said ECU senior Caroline Brown.

Riders using Uber don’t have to give their phone number to the driver. A spokeswoman said people can read more safety tips by clicking here.

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