CBS North Carolina bracket challenge – up in flames

March 20 update: Like most of the nation – the CBS North Carolina brackets went up in flames over the weekend.

Loses by Duke, Louisville and Villanova decimated brackets.

Yet somehow, through all the chaos and smoke from flaming brackets – Sean Maroney holds a strong lead over the rest.

Maroney’s not-so-shocking title winner pick of UNC came in handy. The Tar Heels barely slipped by Arkansas and saved Maroney.

Maroney sits at 51 points over all but right on his heels is Kristin Ketchell with 49 points.

After that is is a sharp drop off to the bottom.

And who is tied for last? None other than Jeff Jones – the sports guy. Two of his Final Four picks are out of the tournament. Jones had Notre Dame, Duke and Louisville in the Elite 8. Ouch.

Alyssa Corfont is tied at 41 points with Jones. She still has three of her Final Four picks left but that is about it.

A lot can happen in the Sweet 16 so Maroney shouldn’t sit too comfortably.


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s the special time of year again in North Carolina.

Click to see the brackets

Basketball fans are feverishly mapping out their brackets to establish their dominance over friends, family and coworkers.

It’s time for the NCAA Tournament.

At CBS North Carolina, some on-air personalities take part in friendly competition to see whose bracket is the best.

A quick note about the brackets submitted as part of this competition – every bracket has Duke or UNC in the title game. Of the 10 brackets, seven have Duke or UNC winning the championship. Four picked Duke, three picked UNC.

Storm Team meteorologist Alyssa Corfont is coming off back-to-back wins.

Last year’s title game was a thriller. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

The mom-to-be will more than likely watch the Final Four while on maternity leave but she decided to go for the three-peat.

Corfont picked Arizona to top UNC in the national championship.

Russ Bowen, a North Carolina native, said he used his “usual methods” when making his picks. He has Kansas beating Duke to cut down the nets in Phoenix. His “usual methods” will be kept a secret.

UNC grad and die-hard Tar Heel fan Sean Maroney naturally picked Roy Williams to lead the Heels to Phoenix. But Maroney wants revenge against the Blue Devils. He has UNC pulling out a 90-83 win over Duke for the NCAA championship.

We had to adjust our glasses while inspecting Bill Reh’s bracket. The very enthusiastic Tar Heel supporter picked Arizona to top North Carolina.

Jeff Jones showed some love for the ACC with his Final Four picks. Jones has Louisville, Duke, UNC and Arizona making it to Phoenix.

It will no doubt be a wild month of basketball. Will Alyssa pull out another win?

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