Gov. Cooper visits Princeville, other areas hit hard by Hurricane Matthew

PRINCEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s been five months since Hurricane Matthew, but in Princeville, volunteers are still working hard to repair the damage.


“This is our first week in rebuild,” said Jason Duvall, a site manager for Methodist rebuilding efforts. “We have been rebuilding roofs, laying flooring, dry wall, stuff like that to try to get folks back into their homes.”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the town was underwater. Gov. Roy Cooper was in Princeville on Thursday to meet with local officials about Hurricane Matthew damage.

“It represents hope and progress and it is important for us to provide the assistance to the people of this town and to once again help Princeville to get back on its feet,” said Cooper.

Cooper said there are still more than 100 families displaced. Princeville Elementary School is still closed, and the decision on whether to rebuild the school is still up in the air.

“I know some of you are living in places that are not your home because of the flood,” said Cooper to some Princeville Elementary students. “I want you to know everyone is working hard and thinking about you.”

Edgecombe County officials say right now they’re focusing on what they can do to prevent the damage next time. They’re talking about extending the levy north and gating drainage structures near U.S. Route 64.

“You have to look at new flood maps and determine if elevation is needed,” Cooper said,

Cooper says he plans to go to the General Assembly and Congress to get additional funding to help Princeville. He says they should have an estimate of how much money it will cost in the next few days.


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