Missed turn led to police chase, double-fatal Raleigh crash, man charged says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The man charged in a double-fatal crash in Raleigh that began as a police chase in Garner told authorities he was forced by his passenger to flee police, according to court documents obtained by CBS North Carolina.

hammond road crash

Kawme Delanta Otis McGregory, 18, is charged with two counts of felony death by vehicle, one count of felony serious injury by vehicle, one count of fleeing to elude arrest with motor vehicle, one count of fleeing in excess of 65 mph, reckless driving, driving after consuming alcohol while under the age of 21, and driving without a license.

Those charges come in connection with a Feb. 23 police chase and crash that killed his passenger, 25-year-old Shada Taylor, and Erieyana Holloway, a 14-year-old girl riding in a church van McGregory slammed his car into on Hammond Road near Interstate 40.

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The driver of the van was identified as Shaun Dontay Jackson, 36, of Raleigh. Jackson and a 10-year-old boy both had minor injuries, police said. Holloway was seriously injured in the crash and died the next morning at the hospital.

According to warrants, one of the detectives assigned to the case visited McGregory at WakeMed on March 9 to get his version of events. The man waived his Miranda Rights and spoke freely to the detective, according to warrants.

McGregory said he had been drinking with friends in the area of Bragg Street near downtown Raleigh before he left in a silver Pontiac G6, a car that was known in the neighborhood as a “drug rental.” Documents state the car, which was registered in South Carolina, was passed around among people who lived in the neighborhood in exchange for crack cocaine.

The 18-year-old told police he was flagged down by Taylor while driving near Bragg Street and she asked him to take her to McDonald’s. McGregory headed to a McDonald’s in Garner, but “missed his turn on Timber Drive” and then had to come back the other way to make his turn, the warrant shows. It was at that time that he felt a “rustling in his pants,” he told police. He said Taylor was trying to get into his pants and that caused him to swerve while he was already speeding. McGregory said that he then saw blue lights behind him, according to warrants.

Kawme Delanta McGregory (Raleigh-Wake CCBI)

McGregory and police both said that he pulled his car over and came to a stop.

Radio traffic released the day after the chase and crash detailed officers’ communications with one another during the stop and the chase.

In the recordings an officer can be heard saying that he’s stopping a silver Pontiac with a South Carolina plate at the intersection of Garner and Creech roads for a suspected speeding violation.

That vehicle was being operated by Kawme McGregory, police confirmed.

The car pulled over, but when an officer approached the car it sped off again, Garner Police Chief Brandon Zuidema said.

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“The vehicle just took off as I was walking out,” the officer can be heard saying in the recordings.

Raleigh police said they were called at about 7 p.m. because the chase was headed into their jurisdiction.

According to warrants, McGregory told the detective that Taylor began yelling at him and asking why he had stopped the car. He told police that Taylor said “You know I got crack and warrants, you better run.” He then sped off as the officer approached.

McGregory told the detective Taylor called her “baby’s daddy,” known to him as “Money,” and put him on speaker phone where the man threatened him by saying “We know where you live and where your family lives. We know where you work. You better get her out of there or else we will come after you,” according to warrants.

“Money” had a reputation on Bragg Street for stabbing people and that’s why McGregory continued to lead police on a chase, he told the detective. He then told the detective that he was going to try to slow down and jump out of the car and surrender to police when he was driving through some residential areas, but that Taylor kept threatening him so he continued driving, warrants show.

McGregory told the detective that Taylor was known to carry a gun and a knife and that she must have thrown them out the window during the chase. Police did not recover either weapon at the scene. He also told police that Taylor gave him about a gram of crack and made him swallow it while driving, which is why he tested positive for cocaine.

Warrants show that the detective asked McGregory why he never called 911 during the chase and said he was being threatened and that he did not have a phone with him. He told the detective that the last thing he remembered about the incident is turning onto Hammond Road.

McGregory’s vehicle was traveling at an estimated 90 mph when it slammed into the church van, which was turning from Hammond Road onto Interstate 40.

According to an arrest warrant, investigators believe McGregory’s vehicle reached speeds of 105 mph on Hammond Road, which has a posted speed limit of 45 mph.

Police recovered three cellphones from McGregory’s vehicle and it’s believed that “information is on the phones that will corroborate or disprove McGregory’s statement as well as provide a timeline and map [of] McGregory/Taylor’s locations prior to and during the chase,” the warrant shows.

McGregory’s bond is set at $2 million secured for the offenses related to the crash, according to online records.

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