Big plans ahead for eerie, vacant Cary neighborhood

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — If you pass through Guernsey Trail in Cary you might think you are walking through a movie set or you’re about to head into a zombie apocalypse.


The developers of the mysterious neighborhood recently spoke about the history behind the vacant houses and plans for the future.

Kevin Mangum of Mangum Development started buying out these homes in the Ponderosa Neighborhood on Guernsey Trail in Cary back in 2014.

There are 11 houses total with two additional empty lots. The homes once sold for $300,000 to $400,000 and the last homeowner moved out this past December.

“This community will materially change in six months. So you really won’t recognize it other than the trees we are required to save,” Kevin Mangum said.

The developers have approval to make the land into a medical campus as well as a retirement community, which will be called Paraclete Professional Park.

The 22 acres will include a parking garage and nursing facility.

This past month Habitat for Humanity members went through each house to save items, which will be sold in their “Habitat for Humanity Re-stores” throughout the Triangle.


“It helps us generate revenue and it keeps material out of landfills,” Andy Cruickshank said who has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for the last eight years.

Developers say almost all of the homes were damaged recently by visitors.

“Definitely this neighborhood has been attracting a lot of attention within the past week or so. While there has been some negative elements, we are trying to pull together and give (it) a happy ending. It’s also been nice to see families coming together and having these adventures with each other,” Heather Leah said.

Demolition at the site begins next month.

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