F-16 fighter production moving from Texas to SC

WSPA file photo

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Lockheed Martin is moving F-16 fighter jet production from Texas to Greenville, S.C.

Leslie Farmer, a spokesperson with Lockheed Martin, confirmed a report from Defense One.

According to the report, decreasing orders for the fighter jet will allow them to move the F-16 operation to make room for F-35 production at the Fort Worth plant.

It will take about two years to transition production from Fort Worth to Greenville.

The transition period will begin after the last F-16 from Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth factory is delivered later this year.

The production line will be located at Lockheed Martin’s operation at the S.C. Technology and Aviation Center on Terminal Road – formerly called the Donaldson Center.

Lockheed Martin currently maintains and modifies different air frames at its Greenville County facility. It’s also the proposed final assembly and check out facility for the U.S. Air Force Advanced Pilot Training Competition.

Defense One reports the production line is anticipated to create 200 to 250 jobs.

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