Garner police hold forums as they plan for body-camera rollout

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — Garner police plan to start using body cameras this summer in an effort to increase transparency.

Wednesday afternoon and night, people in the community had a chance to ask questions and raise concerns.

Durham is already rolling out cameras in some neighborhoods and Raleigh is testing them as well.

But, supporters of the cameras say a new state law undermines their effectiveness.

There’s no guarantee the public will ever see the video. That takes a court order.

The people who backed that law say it takes into account people’s privacy.

“I think the hurdle right now is, the transparency piece can be a little problematic because there are certainly some in the community who think more of the video should be release-able,” said Garner Police Chief Brandon Zuidema.

It’ll take a year for all officers to get the cameras. The chief says the initial cost will be just over $100,000.

He’s trying to get more grant money to cover that.

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