Dozens hold Duke die-in as Sen. Burr visits Duke

(Beau Minnick | CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — More than a hundred people tried to let U.S. Sen. Richard Burr know Friday how they felt about the health care proposal that Republicans withdrew later the same day.

More than a hundred people staged a die-in during a Burr stop at Duke University.

“Senator Burr, this is your constituent speaking. Here in North Carolina, we want healthcare, not wealthcare,” said John Thompson of Greensboro.

The die-in was about a block away from Burr’s private meeting with the Health Sector Advisory Council at Duke’s business school. The school describes the council as where “health care leaders consider the opportunities and challenges that confront health systems and markets today.”

People at the die-in talked about how a change in health care policy would affect them.

Sloan Meek has cerebral palsy and spoke with a help of a computer.

“This is what my life would be like without Medicaid and Medicare,” he said. “I would be forced to live out the rest of my life in a hospital bed, in a nursing home, or some other kind of institution.”

Others have a different take.

Francis DeLuca of the conservative Civitas Institute in Raleigh talked about the impact on people who have spent years paying into healthcare plans that now can’t afford their insurance.

“That’s why so many people want to see it gone because it impacted those people who played by the rules, paid taxes, bought their own healthcare insurance for years and are now seeing their lives ruined by the Affordable Care Act.”

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