100+ gather in Raleigh for ‘Make America Great Again’ rally

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)  — More than a hundred people gathered at the Hailfax Mall on Saturday to show their support for President Donald Trump.


Republicans discussed how to repeal Obamacare after Congressional leaders pulled a Republican-sponsored health care bill out of Congress on Friday.

Nievelis Bittmann came to the United States from Cuba in 1967 and held a “Cubans 4 Trump” sign at the rally.

She says she believes Trump’s health care bill will eventually pass.

“They are going to fix it and it is going to be good for everybody. That’s what I truly believe,” Bittmann said.

Republicans attending Saturday’s rally also said they believe healthcare reform will happen, but it will just take time.


“I think it will happen. I think we need to be patient. I mean it’s only March and he just got into office. I think he’s got plenty of time to do what he needs to do and he’s gonna do what he says he’s gonna do,” Aaron Walton said.

One Trump supporter agrees the bill was not ready yet.

“I wasn’t disappointed that the bill failed this week because I didn’t like the bill. There were things should have been in (there) that were not,” Jay DeLancy said.

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