Fayetteville murder suspect nabbed at Canadian border

Jerome Wayne Jones Jr. (Fayetteville Police)

DETROIT (WNCN) — A suspect in a deadly Fayetteville drive-by shooting was taken into custody at the Canadian border on Friday, officials say.

Jerome Wayne Jones Jr., 26, of Fayetteville shot and killed Jason McKnight in broad daylight Wednesday along Turnpike Road in Fayetteville, police say.

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Jason McKnight was shot in the head by someone in a car that pulled beside him, according to police.

Authorities were searching for Jones after the shooting.

Jones was found in a car with North Carolina license plates at the Ambassador Bridge after returning from Canada around 4 a.m., border crossing officials at the Detroit, Michigan checkpoint said.


“The female driver and male passenger, both U.S. citizens, claimed they did not intend to go to Canada and were refused entry because the male did not have any identification documents,” border patrol agents said in a news release.

Border patrol agents did a “secondary inspection, including fingerprint verification” and discovered Jerome Jones, officials said.

Jones was arrested and transported to Wayne County Jail to await extradition to Cumberland County.

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