Fayetteville leaders OK plans for area near future baseball stadium

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Monday night Fayetteville City Council made a big decision for its future Astro Farm Team minor league baseball stadium.

The city approved development plans to bring more housing, apartments, and hotels right to the ballpark.

“This is the heart of downtown Fayetteville, and you have eight acres of surface parking,” said Jordan Jones.

Jones is the project manager for Prince Charles Holdings. He says the acres of parking around where the ballpark will go could be so much more, and he’s working to make it happen.

“My roots come here to Fayetteville. I want to see downtown Fayetteville continue to be revitalized; continue to create an increased quality of life for this amazing community,” he said.

Jones says his great-grandfather built the Prince Charles Hotel on Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville decades ago.


Jones is now is planning on transforming the dilapidated former hotel into luxury apartments that will have a perfect view of the new stadium.

Monday night city officials approved the plans for Jones’ company.

They say the city will only see more development similar to what Jones is bringing.

“It’s (the baseball stadium) going to generate a lot of excitement downtown. We’ve already seen new stores opening up, new restaurants opening up, we’ve got two breweries coming downtown. All these folks are hoping to capitalize on the excitement of the baseball stadium getting here,” said Mayor Nat Robertson.

City officials also awarded the contract to build the new Astros farm team stadium to The Barton Marlow Company, whose resume includes PNC Park where the Pittsburgh Pirates, Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles play, as well as stadiums much closer like BB&T Park where the Charlotte Knights play.

“We’re committing the resources behind it, and we’re selecting partners in this project that are first class partners that will do us right,” said Robertson.

Construction is expected to begin on both the development of the stadium and the surrounding area this year, but the park is not expected to open until April 2019.

The team also is looking for a name. Right now, there is a competition come up with what that name will be.

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