Possible sale of Carolina Panthers could come up among owners at NFL meetings

PHOENIX (CBS Sports) — The Raiders’ relocation vote is at the top of the docket for the NFL’s spring meetings, set to start Monday in Arizona, but the other major franchise issue being whispered about is the future of the Carolina Panthers.

Owner Jerry Richardson is advanced in age, is battling some health issues and is not attending this meeting, and many other owners anticipate this franchise to be sold before his passing. There are no heirs involved, as Richardson cut his sons out of the team.

While owners anticipate there will end up being stern restrictions forbidding the franchise from moving to be part of any deal, there is growing sentiment that this could become more of a front-burner issue this offseason.

It is not on the agenda for this meeting and there is nothing formal regarding it, though there is plenty of informed speculation mounting.

It would be a coveted franchise if/when it comes to market, with a great stadium deal as well, with no shortage of suitors already well regarded by the league office.

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