UNC fans celebrate Kentucky win, but keep it low key on Franklin St.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — UNC students on Sunday were celebrating their team advancing in the NCAA Tournament and hoping for a better outcome than last year.

In the final seconds of the Kentucky game the Tar Heels edged ahead of the Wildcats and won 75-73.

The screams of excited fans could be heard up and down Franklin Street, but the atmosphere was much different during the game.

“Everyone here is really, pretty tense about playing Kentucky,” said Ty York.

It’s not that bars weren’t packed with fans. Many fans like York went to bars hours before the game to root on their team — it’s just last year was still fresh in many of their minds.

“Last year making it to the finals with that heart breaking loss, we don’t want to see that again,” said Alex Rhoades.

While many fans watched nervously as every second ticked by during the game, others were confident in their team.

“Last year we were crushed, but this year I have a lot of faith, and a lot of hope and I have my whole heart in this,” said Jamie Stuart, a UNC student.

One fan had a lot of faith in the Tar Heels, so much so he committed to play with them next year.

Mullins South Carolina senior Jalek Felton came all the way up for the game. Next season he hopes to be on the court with the Tar Heels during the Tournament.

His uncle, NBA player Raymond Felton, is also a  Tar Heel. Jalek says it was this and the atmosphere that attracted him to Chapel Hill.

“I’ve never watched a Carolina game around these fans, and it’s just crazy,” he said.

However in comparison to other years, Franklin Street was tame.

“My instinct was to go run and burn things, but it seems like everything is under control over there. So that’s not what’s happening,” said Aiden Walker, a junior at UNC.

Some fans tried to take over Franklin Street over like in previous years, but police intervened before it could get out of hand.

Walker has a theory why the celebration was calm.

“I think last year we rushed for the Final Four, and we rushed after beating Syracuse. I think that just gave bad mojo for the championship game,” he said.

The Tar Heels next stop is the Final Four. They play Oregon Saturday in Phoenix.

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