University of Phoenix Stadium trades turf for hardwood


PHOENIX (WNCN) – Ahead of Saturday’s Final Four games, crews worked to transform the University of Phoenix Stadium in a basketball arena.

Connor Sports worked for six hours to install 9,800-square feet of flooring inside the stadium. The floor is estimated to weigh 14 tons, according to

The Phoenix Cardinals normally call the stadium home and it has seen its fair share of memorable football moments.

Remember David Tyree’s miracle catch against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII? That happened in University of Phoenix Stadium.

In this Feb. 3, 2008, file photo, the New York Giants receiver David Tyree catches a 32-yard pass in the clutches of New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. (AP)

In 2007 when Boise State topped Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl? That happened at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

In 2016, Clemson fell short of their upset bid of Alabama in the football championship game there.

Will UNC have more luck than Clemson did?

The Tar Heels face off against the Oregon Ducks at 8:49 p.m. on CBS North Carolina.



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