3-Degree Guarantee: Note in the pocket helps clothe needy Wake school children

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Note in the Pocket has helped provide clothing to impoverished and homeless school children in Wake County since 2005. And they do it with the efficiency of an assembly line.

CBS North Carolina Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein recently got to visit the donation center located in North Raleigh. Two years ago, that donation center for Note in the Pocket received 24,000 pounds of clothing, and last year that number grew to over 115,000 pounds of clothing, but that still is not enough.

More than 50,000 students in Wake County Public Schools are on the free-and-reduced lunch program, and it’s those same students who are eligible to receive donated clothing from Note in the Pocket. Many times if students and families are struggling to afford lunch at school, they are also struggling to keep new and appropriate clothes on their students.

Note in the Pocket executive director Dallas Bonavita said, “Our mission is to let children arrive at school comfortable, confident and dressed for academic success.”

She went on to say, “when students worry about what they have to wear to school, that it may be too big or small or have holes in it, they can’t concentrate on their school work or worse yet, don’t come to school at all.”

Note in the Pocket grew out of a family ministry that began in 2005 and now serves all of Wake County, which has the largest school system in North Carolina.

When clothes are brought into their donation center, they are first piled in the back in an area that has become known as “donation mountain.”

After going through quality control, which only school-appropriate clothes make it through, they are then sorted, sized and inventoried before going to the other side of the building where they are put on shelves.

After being put on the shelves, they don’t sit there long. When schools or socials workers make a request for clothes, volunteers at Note in the Pocket will pick out several outfits for the specific student.

These clothes will get the student through a couple different seasons in North Carolina.

If you are interested in donating clothes, time or money to Note in the Pocket, visit the group’s website.

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