As UNC fans fly to Final Four, mascot Ramses is on hand for photos at RDU

Rameses, the UNC mascot, poses for a photo with a fan at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Friday. (Carleigh Griffeth | CBS North Carolina)

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — There was a special treat at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Friday for UNC fans heading to the Final Four.

The Tar Heels’ mascot, Rameses, was there to send folks off to Phoenix. CBS North Carolina spoke to several fans who were surprised as soon as they made it through security. Rameses was giving out hugs and leading cheers at gates.

UNC senior Katie Demski was sure to snag a pic with the famous Tar Heel before she went to her gate.

“I couldn’t do the 31 hours in the car, no,” said Demski of the drive to Phoenix.

She drove to Houston last year to watch her team. Some of her fellow seniors road tripped it this year and left Wednesday.

“I have some friends flying roundabout ways and flying into Albuquerque and then driving in. But I’m actually flying directly to Phoenix because my dad flies a lot and he gave me his frequent flier miles,” said Demski.

Sisters Jimi Harrison and Vicki Murray have racked up some miles with all the UNC tournament games they’ve been to.

“[I’ve been to] ’91,’93,’95,’97, ’98, 2000 2005. We missed 2009,” said Harrison and Murray.

Being a bit superstitious, the UNC grads always dress head to toe in their favorite UNC gear.

“We have lucky shoes, lucky nails, lucky jacket, lucky earrings, lucky shirt, lucky socks, lucky shoes,” listed Harrison and Murray.

Even fans who won’t make it to the game made sure to wish Rameses good luck in Phoenix. But you can be sure Harrison and Murray will spread the blue and white spirit all the way to Arizona with a UNC fight song.

“Yeah! All of us are for UNC, and you can bet you we’re proud to be the Tar Heels on hand. Hey!” sang Harrison and Murray.

Harrison and Murray admit that going to all these games does get expensive. But they’ve been doing it so long it’s basically built into their budget.

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