Tar Heel fans breathe sigh of relief after Final Four nail-biter

UNC fans on Saturday night. Photo by David Hurst/CBS North Carolina

PHOENIX (WNCN) — Saturday night turned out to be a sleepless night for many Tar Heel fans after the Final Four nail-biter against Oregon.

For those who made the trip to Phoenix, they say there is a day to relax ahead of the title game.

Watch the NCAA Championship game Monday night on CBS North Carolina

While the Tar Heels are one step closer to a National Championship, fans say the road has been a stressful one.

“Oh man, it was an exciting game,” said Forrest Reynolds. “It felt like we were trying to lose it, but I’m excited we won and excited to move on to Monday night and play Gonzaga who is a really good team.”

Fans who went to the game in Phoenix say it wasn’t easy getting their heart rates down after UNC held on in the final seconds to beat Oregon.

“It took a little while to wind down and get to sleep but we’re feeling a little more comfortable,” said Brandon Saunders. “Got a day to relax.”

Even the players themselves admit the game had them on edge.

“That was the most stressful I’ve ever been in my life, I mean too stressful” said UNC junior forward Theo Pinson. “It’s amazing, I mean I just love these guys so much and I’m happy that I get to play another game with them, just one more time.”


Some fans came to Phoenix with tickets for both the Final Four and National Championship games. While others, jumped online to buy tickets for the championship as soon as the Tar Heels’ Final Four game ended.

“It was a little bit nerve-wracking because the NCAA ticket website was being overloaded,” said Barry Petry. “It kept kicking me out, but finally got them last night after they won.”

UNC fan Audrey Larson and Oregon fan Alex Grant will also be going to the game on Monday night.

The couple from San Francisco cheered on their respective teams Saturday night after a week of friendly trash talking.

“We actually agreed to buy the full ticket package beforehand because we knew one of us wouldn’t want to go to the game on Monday,” said Larson. “So I’m going to the game on Monday and dragging him along with me.”

Many UNC fans say they’re looking forward to what’s expected to be an incredible atmosphere in the University of Phoenix Stadium on Monday night. Saturday night’s semifinal game had an attendance of 77,612, the second most ever for a Final Four game.

“It was great. We had to sit with Gonzaga folks so it was kind of quiet but you could hear the Chapel Hill folks from the other side of the arena going crazy,” said Garland Brown.

“The stadium was loud, enthusiastic, crazy,” said Chris Ortiz. “A lot of Duck fans that are real mad today.”

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