Morrisville looks to spur growth by expanding downtown

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) -The heart of any town or city so often seems to be downtown.

One Triangle location is self-admittedly lacking in that area.

In an effort to spur growth Morrisville leaders are working to create a central location for people to live, work and play.

“We fully expect people to want to move to Morrisville,” said Mayor Mark Stohlman.

Stohlman says since the 1980s, the town has gone from 1,000 residents to more than 26,000.


Apartments, restaurants and retail have already popped up across the landscape.

Officials are now creating a downtown to bring in even more people.

“That will be part of our town center project that will one day might stretch ten to 20 acres that will have a lot of live, work, play features,” said Stohlman.

The town is starting the downtown area with a farmers market.

“With the new space we’ll have room for everybody plus probably an additional 20 to 25 tents,” said Jim Pellegrini, president of the Western Wake Farmers Market.

The Western Wake Farmers Market is making its permanent home on Town Hall Drive.

It’s currently setting up in an overflow parking lot next to town government buildings.

The first phase of the project, partly funded by a John Rex Endowment Grant, will finish up this fall and will put the market in a green space next to the Chamber of Commerce.

The town’s next project will be a new public library that will open up just down the road within a year.

The town isn’t just trying to attract growth, they’re also trying to keep up.

Wake Tech is building a campus that will bring thousands of students and staff to the area every day.

And businesses like INC Research, Inc. are calling Morrisville home, too.

“We know the growth is coming so we’re set up to anticipate that growth and create a lot of great amenities for our future residents and current residents,” said Stohlman.

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