National championship gear flies off shelves in Chapel Hill

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Hundreds of fans hunted through downtown Chapel Hill Tuesday morning for North Carolina national championship shirts.

People started showing up at shops by 8 a.m. Some students said they slept for just a few hours after celebrating the victory, but got up early to add more blue UNC shirts to their wardrobes.

“I do need a new one, because we just won the national championship,” UNC senior Grayson Vass said.


“I (was) a little bit disappointed after last year, so this year we got redemption.”

Lengthy lines formed outside shops on Franklin Street as people wanted their shirts as early as possible.

Many of the shirts were not printed until after the game ended. As the North Carolina players cut down the net, screenprinters got to work pressing logos onto fabric.

Some customers became impatient waiting for the delivery trucks to arrive, but they remained upbeat due to the victory.

“People are waiting, but this is the lifestyle of a Tar Heel, when you’re tried and true,” Cherish Williams said.

“Tar heel born. Tar Heel bred. So, yeah, just have to make sure I get the gear first thing.”

Garner Overton brought with her a list of her family members’ shirt sizes.

“I have all sorts of t-shirt orders from home. My grandma wants one, my brother wants one, I want one, my mom wants one, so I’m just ready to go, and need those natty shirts,” Overton said.

The manager at Underground Printing said Tuesday morning she expected to place multiple orders for additional shipments.

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