Beloved chicken statue stolen from its Raleigh perch

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One Raleigh neighborhood has been abuzz with one important question:

“Have you seen this chicken?”

The Lake Boone Chicken stood tall for years but on Sunday – it was stolen. Snatched from its perch on Lake Boone Trail.

“Call FBI, Chicken has been stolen,” a sign read that now sits where the beloved statue once stood.

It’s face is even on a milk carton.

It was last seen Sunday wearing its green Masters jacket in Nancy Hight’s front yard. (The chicken’s name could not be found among past Masters winners)


Hight dresses the chicken up for all kinds of occasions.

St. Patrick’s Day. Mardi Gras. Valentine’s Day. Snow days and even the ACC Tournament.

“The chicken is normally a State fan,” Hight said. But he wore that special hue of blue after North Carolina won the national title.

“Hope it’s not riding in a white paneled van. I haven’t gotten any ransom notices –just please treat them well,” Hight said.

But she has gotten notes from neighbors asking for its return though.

Hight already hatched a plan– an emergency chicken will be back on the post by Tuesday night.

“I’m using super glue with this chicken. It’s going to be a lot harder to take,” she said.

She first put the chicken out for a baby shower in 2005 and it hasn’t been stolen since a 2006 incident.

She says if the thief returns it, there will be no questions asked.

Check out the Lake Boone Chicken’s Facebook page.

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