Wake County officials to install 75 cameras on school buses this week, 700 by July

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — While many Wake County students are on spring break this week, schools are working to make their next bus ride a little safer.


Crews began installing new school bus cameras this morning at Green Hope High School in Cary.

The cameras will go inside the buses to monitor student conduct. There will be several cameras inside the bus and they will take video of activity going on inside.

The cameras will help officials when an incident is reported by a student or bus driver.

“I think [the cameras are] going to be a plus, because at least I know I have somebody I feel like that has my back, and it’s not actually a human being. The camera can say, ‘ I saw it,’ and it’s not going to lie,” said Wake County school bus driver Kendra Galloway.

There are conduct cameras on around 100 buses already. Wake County started implementing them in 2015. The goal this week is to install 75 cameras while kids are on spring break. Officials hope to have 700 installed by the end of June.

The school system says one of the biggest complains from bus drivers is student conduct. They’re hoping these cameras get students to improve their behavior on their ride to and from school.

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