Some Raleigh neighborhoods seeing increase of car break-ins

A person trying to break into a BMW SUV in Five Points. Photo provided to CBS North Carolina.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A rash of car break-ins in Raleigh neighborhoods has families asking the police for help.

Some of the people we spoke with say their neighbors have been targets of the crime spree more than once.

They say while the thieves usually just take things and go on their way, they’re worried it could escalate and they want the police to increase patrols.

A man who lives in the Five Points neighborhood says he caught the crooks in the act.


He captured surveillance video of what appears to be a man trying to break into cars on his block.

“At first we were seeing these about once a month, where someone’s car was ransacked once a month,” said Rachel Kincaid, President of the Glenwood-Brooklyn Neighborhood Association. “Now we’re seeing it happen once a week or more often and sometimes it turns violent.”

We spoke with some people who live in the Glenwood-Brooklyn and Five Points neighborhoods and they say it’s happening more and more regularly.

Raleigh police say they’re definitely seeing an increase in vehicle thefts in some neighborhoods, but they say in a lot of cases people are leaving their doors unlocked. Officers say to make sure you lock your doors and don’t leave any valuable, like cell phones, in your car.

“Their windows have been either shot out or broken if they’re locked. Some neighbors choose not to lock their cars because they don’t want to keep getting these insurance claims and taking time out to do all this,” said Kincaid.

We spoke with one man who lives in a nearby neighborhood who had his car broken into and his iPad stolen. He asked not to be identified.

“There’s a lot of break-ins pretty regularly,” said one neighbor. “I had an iPad that was in my workout bag that somebody had just went in my car, opened it up. It wasn’t locked, took out the iPad. At the same night two other cars were broken into.”

“Why are these folks targeting our neighborhood?” wondered Kincaid. “Why do they feel so comfortable knowing they can come here at two o’clock, three o’clock, four in the morning and there won’t be much police surveillance, unfortunately.”

Kincaid says they need more police presence in the neighborhood because it’s no longer the safe place it was when she moved in eight years ago.

“We used to take walks all the time at night and now once the sun goes down we’re in,” she said. “That’s not what a tight-knit community should feel like.”

Raleigh police say they arrested some juveniles Friday morning who may be connected to some of the car burglaries.

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