Hoke County High’s symphonic band returns from Carnegie Hall performance

(Nate Rodgers | CBS North Carolina)

RAEFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – Hoke County High School’s symphonic band returned from the opportunity of a lifetime – performing at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

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A total of 55 students from Hoke High participated in Carnegie Hall’s national band and orchestra festival on Saturday.

The school raised more than $115,000 to pay for the trip.

Monday, CBS North Carolina caught up with a few of the students to see how the trip went.


“It was a different thing for us. It was so beautiful and the sound was different and it was a rush for everybody. We were ready to just perform,” said euphonium player Tubias McCoy.

Abryana Floyd, who plays flute and piccolo, called it “amazing.”

“The fact that we were the minority group and we were able to do everything that we were suppose to do and beyond, it’s just amazing to me and I’m glad that we can make it happen for our town,” Floyd said.

Eight schools were selected to perform at the two-day event.

Hoke High performed a 30 minute set – including four selections.

The students also got to tour New York City.

The school district pitched in to help cover the cost of the trip. Several local fundraisers also chipped in.

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