UNC football athlete-agent case defendants appear in court

Patrick Jones in court Monday. (Lauren Haviland/CBS North Carolina)

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Four out of the five men who still face charges dating back to an UNC football investigation in 2010 are in court Monday.

Terry Watson, Michael Johnson Jr, Patrick Jones, and Chris Hawkins are in court after being charged with funneling money to several UNC players.

The North Carolina Secretary of State’s investigation began in 2010 after a NCAA probe into UNC’s football program.


So far, Patrick Jones is the only one to go before a judge.

He was charged with one count of athlete – agent inducement.

Monday, he admitted guilt but did not plead guilty and agreed to a deferred prosecution.

He will have to complete 48 hours of community service, one year of probation, and truthfully testify against Watson, a sports agent.

Hawkins was arrested in May 2015 for providing former player Robert Quinn thousands of dollars and helping him sell game-used equipment in 2010, along with improperly contacting a UNC player in 2013 to talk about representation.

UNC football player Marvin Austin talks to the media during his Carolina days (WNCN).
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Fourteen Tar Heels missed at least one game in 2010 and seven were forced to sit all season in a case that led to NCAA sanctions in March 2012.

NCAA probes focused largely on former players Quinn, Marvin Austin and Greg Little. But roughly 75 pages of unsealed documents include other examples, including ex-player Kendric Burney telling investigators in October 2013 that he received monthly payments from Hawkins while an eligible athlete.

Burney, who missed six games in 2010 for improper benefits from Hawkins connected to trips, said Hawkins paid him and other players for agent meetings, the documents state.

Burney said Hawkins arranged and attended his meetings with financial adviser Marty Blazer and agent Peter Schaffer — two people who exchanged hundreds of calls with Hawkins, according to phone records cited in the warrants.

CBS North Carolina was told others involved will most likely appear this afternoon.

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