Raleigh father of 4 shot by tow truck driver remembered as good person

Taurean Whitfield Sutton in a photo used with permission.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Taurean Sutton, 30, was shot and killed just off Glenwood Avenue Friday night. Police say he was involved in an argument inside a tow truck before he was shot.

CBS North Carolina obtained the 911 calls from the night Sutton was killed. The recording includes two men arguing and what sounds like multiple gun shots.

A memorial to Sutton on Wednesday. (Kelly Kennedy | CBS North Carolina)

“I’m still shocked, because I had just spoken to Taurean two or three days prior to this, and he was telling me to keep my head up and stay out of trouble and stuff. And then all of a sudden here this come,” said Darrell Debnam, friend of Sutton.

On Friday night, Taurean Sutton was upset about his car being towed and he got into an argument with a tow truck driver, police said. Police say that escalated into the driver shooting Sutton.

“All I wanna know is why it happened, because Taurean was a good person,” said Debnam. “He never harmed nobody.”

“Everybody gets mad when their car gets towed,” said Sutton’s friend, Ana Gonzalez. “It’s everyday life, and to know that you can possibly get shot from someone towing your car. What kind of argument were they having to the point that he had to bring out his gun and shoot my friend?”

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“I think it was all wrong because if you could kill someone over a car what else can you kill someone over and I feel like justice needs to be served for that,” said Debnam.

At this time no charges have been filed, but Sutton’s friends say someone needs to be held responsible.

Detectives are still investigating this case and are working with the Wake County District Attorney’s Office.


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