Fayetteville restaurants ordered to stop bottomless mimosas

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A few Fayetteville restaurants are ending their bottomless mimosa offers after they recently learned the deal is against North Carolina law.

Pierro’s Italian Bistro on Rockfish Road offered bottomless mimosas for $10 until management learned of the state law two weeks ago.

“There was no reason to think that it was not OK,” said Pierro’s General Manager Brian Graybill.


Graybill said customers usually order three or four of the drinks.

“But I could sell you 10 Long Island ice teas if I wanted, too,” Graybill said.

Pierro’s wasn’t the only local restaurant that offered unlimited mimosas.

The county’s alcohol commission says there are at least three others with a similar deal.

Currently, state law prohibits restaurants and bars from selling unlimited alcohol for one price.

Pierro’s was not cited but was simply told to end the unlimited deal.

The restaurant will now sale mimosas for $2.50 per glass. Pitchers will cost $12 dollars each.

A bill is pending in the General Assembly that would allow restaurants to serve alcohol after 10 a.m. Currently, alcohol can only be served after noon.

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