Rumors swirl of a gator in a Harnett County lake

ANGIER, N.C. (WNCN) – When you think gators – you think Florida, not Lake Angier in Harnett County.

However, a couple of people claim to have seen an alligator there.


“I’m not afraid of this alligator, but I wouldn’t stick my toe in,” said Angier resident, Rebecca Womble.

The talk around town in Angier is that there could be an alligator in Lake Angier at Jack Marley Park.

“Honestly, I saw it on Facebook the other day and I really didn’t pay it any mind at first,” said Angier resident, John Barefield Jr.

Officials with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission say an alligator in Lake Angier is unlikely, but not impossible.

Lake Angier (Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

“Years ago over here by Johnson’s pond, a guy used to feed an alligator every day,” said Barefield. “A pack of hotdogs, every afternoon and every morning.”

Town officials say the people of Angier don’t have anything to worry about. They say they’ve checked the lake multiple times and they haven’t found any evidence of any alligators.

“The lady said she saw an alligator in the pond we went down there with our parks and rec and walked the whole area, looking and we did not see anything,” said Coley Price, Angier Town Manager. “This morning we came back with two officers from animal control. They walked the whole area again and did not see anything.”

Price says they will continue to monitor the lake every day.

“We come here very often and we also have a 6-year-old,” said Angier resident, Kaitlyn Perry. “We also fish here sometimes.”

“They’re good with water safety,” said Barefield. “But an alligator is an alligator.”

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission officials say they have had people release alligators in North Carolina before, so everyone at the lake should still be on the lookout.

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