Residents want answers after 2 women found dead in Lumberton

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – People in the Lumberton area where two bodies found say they want answers. News13 sent Kiahnna Patterson to the city in Robeson County to find answers for family members and neighbors.

Helen Hayes and her neighbors said they want answers, names or any information on what happened to two women found yesterday.

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“I felt so sorry for those girls. Were they from here?” said Helen Hayes. “Who did it? What happened to them?”

Hayes explained a lot of crime in the area, especially drugs, makes her afraid to live alone.

She says a lot of people walk around at night even though it’s too dangerous, especially for women.


“I tell them they have no business walking around at night. I sit out here until the sun starts going down then I go in the house and lock my doors. They have to do the same thing,” said Hayes.

The Robeson County Medical Examiner says the two women’s bodies were found near 5th street one was found inside the home and the other in a trash can.

Lumberton Police Chief Michael McNeill explains the investigators are working with other agencies to ID the women. He confirms the area has a high crime rate with drugs and prostitution but detectives are looking to solve the case to for the families involved.

“We are trying to get some answers. That’s why we have investigators out,” explained McNeill. “We’re going out, knocking door to door to see if anyone recognize these ladies. To give the public some information on who they are.”

McNeill says many rumors are starting on Facebook. He wants to address the rumors and ease tension in the area.

“The bodies were decomposed but there is no indication of the bodies being dismembered or those types of things. That is a rumor,” said McNeill.

McNeil says he understands the high level of fear in the area but hopes the community helps solve the investigation.

“Who put the bodies where they put them at? We have no idea. We’re fresh into this investigation and will continue until we can find out who these ladies. So the family can get some relief. And also try to find a perpetrator,” McNeill assures.

Hayes hopes police find a suspect and soon.

“It doesn’t make me feel safe,” Hayes said concerned.

Lumberton police ask if you have a missing loved one or know anything about the case contact Lumberton police.

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