Some Duke faculty rally for better pay

(Michael Hyland | CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Kelly Goyette is an adjunct instructor at Duke.

“I can’t live off my wages,” she said.

So she waits tables on the side, sometimes serving her own students.

“Maybe it sort of underlines how intense that is,” she said.

The non-tenure-track faculty at Duke recently formed a union and have been negotiating with University administrators.

They gathered outside the Nasher Art Museum on Friday as people showed up for a celebration.

Duke recently raised more than $3 billion to fund things like construction projects, financial aid and research.

“The total amount of the contract costs that we’re asking for 300 faculty is .18 percent,” said Mike Dimpfl, a lecturing fellow at Duke.

“Students are having to mortgage their futures to be able to be here, and we can’t possibly pay the people who are teaching them?” asked Diane Nelson, a professor of cultural anthropology.

In a statement, university vice president Kyle Cavanaugh said the negotiations are continuing in good faith and that he’s optimistic the two sides will reach an agreement.

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