Tiny house festival comes to tiny NC town


PINK HILL, N.C. (WNCT) – At least 4,000 people are expected from across the state for the TinyHouseNC Street Festival.

It’s happening this weekend in Pink Hill. It’s the first time the event has made its way to Lenoir County. Festival goers can walk inside the homes and tour the spaces. Some have full kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and sleep spaces. Builders say the festival is a great way to expose people to something they probably never thought about.


Builder Thom Stanton said, “We often see a lot of people who have seen TV shows about tiny houses or seen the photos and don’t really know what they’re like so the chance to come in and actually step in the space and realize that the tiny house isn’t too too small, is really exciting.”

There were also a group of students from Wake County in attendance on Friday.

“When we’re young learning about ideas like this we can take that on when we become engineers and such and when we’re building houses,” one of the students, Harris Trail, said.

A dozen professionally built tiny houses on wheels will be on display, along with 5 DIY tiny houses. A total of 16 tiny house luminaries are expected to speak.

Among the houses on display is Tiny Blue Devil, a tiny house build by South Lenoir High School.

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