Cheerleader, teen sister die after car plunges into river on way to school

Michaela Woodson, 16, at left, and Tyauna Woodson, 14 (WRIC)

CUMBERLAND, Va. (WRIC) — A pair of teenage sisters were killed Wednesday morning in Virginia when their car went off the road and into a swollen river as they drove to school.

Michaela Woodson, 16, and Tyauna Woodson, 14, were known for their bubbly personalities, always there to make you smile, friends told WRIC.

They said even though the two fought, like sisters sometimes do, the two were inseparable.

“They were best friends. They went everywhere together,” said friend Jordan Finch. “I mean where you saw Chunky (Tyauna’s childhood nickname) you saw Michaela.”

Friends said they noticed the void at Cumberland High School instantly. Michaela was a sophomore, Tyauna was a freshman.


“Everybody was worried, as a community we were all stressing it,” Finch said. “We were all in the office as a gathering as a group like family.”

Both played on the junior varsity softball team, and Michaela was a cheerleader.

“From softball practice, to home, to everywhere, they were together,” Finch said.

“School’s never going to be the same without them. Nothing is going to be the same without them,” he added.

The school system said they will have counselors on hand to help students.

The family has not released any information about a vigil or funerals.

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