Helicopter crashes into NC home

NEWTON, N.C. (WBTV) — Two people were injured when a helicopter crashed in Newton and struck a home Thursday afternoon, officials confirm.


The crash happened in a resident’s yard on Killian Avenue, just off of Sigmon Dairy Road. It appears the helicopter came down very close to a home. The roof of the home had minor damage.

At least one of the two people injured was transported for medical care in unknown condition, the Catawba County sheriff says. Witnesses on scene told WBTV’s Steve Ohnesorge that one man was able to crawl from the wreck.

No one in the home was hurt, according to Ohnesorge.

Catawba County 911 reported the crash around 1:30 p.m.

According to the FAA Registry, the helicopter is a Rotorcraft R44 II registered to a corporation based out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Ohnesorge says that the side of the helicopter is labeled “utility patrol.”

Highway Patrol and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating.

Witnesses told Ohnesorge that the helicopter was spinning and avoided trees and power lines before clipping the home.


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