92-year-old NC woman sells more than 850 copies of her 400-page handwritten cookbook

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WBTV) – The story of Frances Murphy began in January. For Christmas, the 92-year-old Murphy gave her family members a 400-page bound book with more than 600 recipes she wrote with her own hand.

Frances Murphy (Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

Murphy never imagined anything would come of the few copies her publisher put up for sale on Amazon.

“I didn’t think anybody outside of my family would be interested,” Murphy said.

But less than two days after her story aired, she’d sold more than 150 copies of the book online. Now, five months later, Murphy had her first speaking engagement and announced sales of her book have topped more than 850.

“I had been able to do something that I had wanted to do for so long,” Murphy told a group of about 10 women. She spoke as a part of a series designed to help inspire other older adults to achieve their dreams, even later in life.

Murphy put together the book as sort of a check-mark on her bucket list. She spent six months copying hundreds of recipes by hand. She wanted the book to be a secret until her family opened their presents on Christmas Day.


She said the reaction on the face of her oldest son, Baron, was worth all the time and effort that went into compiling such a treasure.

The book includes hundreds of her own recipes and others that have been passed down through the generations.

The Winston-Salem woman says publishing the book is a dream fulfilled. She offered the audience at her speaking engagement a bit of well-thought advice.

“If you have something in the back of your mind that you’d like to do, don’t put it off. Do it now. It will give you so much pleasure. And it will give you so many rewards.”

“Mom Murphy’s Treasured Recipes” is up for sale on Amazon, and you can find it by clicking here.

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