Campsites, boat ramps and beaches at NC lakes still under water

(Beau Minnick | CBS North Carolina)

HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) — This week’s heavy rains could put a damper on your weekend plans at the lake.

Flooding has forced the closure of three Jordan Lake boat ramps. Boat ramps and swimming beaches are closed at Falls Lake. And at Kerr Lake, the rain impacted campers.

About 250 campsites, more than half of the sites at the lake, are underwater.

But some campers aren’t letting it stop them from vacationing on the lake.

“It’s peaceful, especially listening to the water lapping on the rocks. It’s just getting away from it all,” said Ginny Milligan, who was camping Friday at Kerr Lake after traveling from her home in Delaware.


The two were packing up on Friday, but had arrived the previous Sunday, just in time for things to be not so peaceful.

“(We) set up the tent in the rain and basically just threw everything in the tent and sat there,” she said.

Eventually the rain stopped, but the water got so high, they had to move their campsite.

And they weren’t alone. Many campers moved. Many cancelled.

“It’s pitiful,” said camper Joyce Stroud. “It’s just pitiful. I’m anxious for it to go down.”

“We hate it,” said Bryce Fleming, park superintendent at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area. “It’s probably been our busiest spring that we’ve had in years. We had a great spring and then now we have this.”

The water level on Kerr Lake is expected to crest Saturday at a foot higher than it is right now.

But even high water brings Milligan peace.

“It’s a beautiful place, and we really did enjoy the time here,” she said.

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