Flooding lingers in Edgecombe County

(David Hurst | CBS North Carolina)

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) — Flood waters continue to go down in parts of Edgecombe County, but the water is still rising downstream.


As those downstream brace for potential flooding, water levels are receding east of Rocky Mount. But some people are still unable to get back into their homes because several roads are still impassible due to the water levels.

On Friday, Monique Jones returned to Leggett Road to see if the waters had gone down enough for her to return home. Jones says her truck is underwater and she thinks she may have lost everything after she and her family were rescued out of the rising flood waters.

“No sooner than we got home and we cooked, and sat down and ate the water was rushing up,” said Jones. “When I go back and it dries up, I’m getting whatever stuff I have left and moving. I gotta do what I gotta do for the sake of me and my kids.”

Jones, along with many other residents on Leggett Road, have nothing but the clothes on their backs and have had to make arrangements to stay with families and friends or at hotels in the area.

“It ain’t gonna get better, because every time a hurricane comes, every time a lot of water comes, this is what is going to happen,” said K.C. Fox.


The water is quickly receding, but county officials believe it will be another two days before the water goes down enough for all the roads to open back up.

“It’s going down,” said Edna Parker, who has lived in Rocky Mount for over 60 years. “At least I’ll live to see all this water go down.”

As the water heads downstream, those in Princeville and Tarboro hope they won’t have to deal with the same issues.

“A lot of people are still out of their homes from Hurricane Matthew, so I’m hoping it’s not like it was last time,” said Lorraine Perkins of Tarboro.

An updated forecast projects the Tar River in Tarboro is expected to crest on Sunday at 28.5 feet, which is 2.5 feet higher than Thursday’s prediction.

If that projection is accurate, county leaders say there may be some minor flooding on roadways and in some yards but nothing that’s expected to cause any significant damage.

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