Florida woman admits faking blindness to get veterans benefits

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – A 60-year-old Florida woman was sentenced to nine months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $400,000 dollars in restitution after she pleaded guilty to faking blindness in order to receive veterans benefits.

Federal prosecutors wrote in a news release that Veronica Dale Hahn lied for years about blindness that she said was connected to her service in the military.

However, while she was supposedly suffering she managed to get driver’s licenses with no vision restrictions in three states and work as a case manager and transition counselor at several state correctional facilities, the news release states.

“Instead of providing benefits and assistance to worthy veterans who are justifiably in need, significant resources from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs were diverted to uncover an extensive and persistent fraud by Ms. Hahn, who repeatedly gave dishonest information and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars to which she was not entitled,” said acting United States Attorney for the North District of Florida Christopher P. Canova. “This case sends the message that you cannot make false disability claims and just walk away from such a crime.”

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