Frenzy ensues as Walmart cash register gives 20s instead of 5s

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s video you have to see to believe of a man at the self-checkout counter of a Florida Walmart. When he realized the machine was giving back extra cash – he got his entourage involved.

In less than thirty minutes, eight people, including children, walked away with almost $1,100. Now, Winter Haven Police are looking for those involved.

It all started with a simple purchase.

A man with a large tattoo covering his right shoulder, bought and paid for his items. But, when he realized the machine gave him a twenty instead of a five, he walks out of the camera’s view and apparently alerts his friend, who then walks up to the same self-checkout stand and does the exact same thing.

“Immediately, you see them start to come in one by one. Grabbing one item, whether it’s a cold drink or a candy bar or pack of gum,” said Jamie Brown, the Public Information Officer for the Winter Haven Police Department.

Detective believe as many as eight accomplices were involved.


“They put in enough money in order to force the machine to give them a five dollar change-out. However, that five dollar change ended up being twenty dollars,” said Brown

Seeing the kids in action makes parents like Veronika Hodges cringe.

“That’s terrible. To get young children involved in that? You can’t do that.”

Parent, Solimar Ortiz says they’re setting a bad example for the kids involved.

“If it happened to me… I worked retail and sales, I would give it back.”

As for charges, besides theft, the adults are also possibly facing charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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