Wilson drying out and cleaning up after flooding this week

Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Heavy rain brought dangerous flooding to parts of North Carolina this week and this weekend many people are finally getting back to business as usual.

At Bill’s Barbeque in Wilson, the business was closed and the area was flooded earlier this week.

Employees said that on Monday the water was up to their knees walking through the parking lot.


The flooding didn’t cause any damage inside, but it did leave a big mess in the parking lot and shut down the business for two days.

Things are back up and running now at the popular Wilson restaurant and take-out spot.

But earlier this week the restaurant hired a private cleaning crew after their lot flooded.

Employees say the pressure from the water also broke a barrier and knocked out the speaker in their drive through.

“That broke when it went under water and the speaker, too. Like cars they come they can’t hear us, we can’t hear them so they have to drive up to the front window just to order. Usually well get backed up if that happens but we’ve been so slow ever since the flood,” said Audrey Chapman, who is a cashier Bills.

Highway 264 was also partially closed earlier this week because of the flooding and because of that a lot of traffic was detoured through Wilson.

Residents say it brought a lot of congestion and chaos into town.

“It just seems like this one snuck up on us for sure and because of that we had some very substantial flooding not only in this area in Downing Street, which limited us getting into Wilson, but 264 was also blocked off heavily, so that brought a lot of traffic into Wilson from other places such as Raleigh,” said Matthew Vick of Wilson.

Highway 264 has since reopened.

A river flood warning is still in effect for the Tar River at Tarboro, where the river there is expected to crest late Sunday and moderate flooding is occurring. The Neuse River at Goldsboro continues to have flooding and that river is expected to crest late Sunday.

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