Jury sees profanity-laced manifesto in Wayne Community College killing trial

Kenneth Stancil in court on April 28, 2017. (Robert Richardson/CBS North Carolina)
Kenneth Stancil in court on April 28, 2017. (Robert Richardson/CBS North Carolina)

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — In the fourth day of testimony of a Wayne County murder trial, a jury watched a profanity-laced video manifesto made by the Wayne County man accused of killing a community college employee two years ago.

Kenneth Stancil made the video before police say he went on the campus of Wayne County Community College and shot and killed 44-year-old Ron Lane, who was the print shop director and the college and was also Stancil’s former boss.

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In the video, Stancil claimed he was going to kill Lane because the openly gay man made sexual advances toward his teenage brother on Facebook.

“When people meddle with my business and harm my family, my brothers, that have done nothing wrong and are innocent, and people have wronged my family, they are punishable by death,” said Stancil in the video. “Somehow I’m just attracted to killing and hurting people. I like inflicting pain on others.”

Stancil says he made the video, which is about 30 minutes long, to let the world know why he planned on killing Lane.

“I left this for y’all so you could see me one last time,” said Stancil. “Next time you see me I’m going to be on TV and I’ll probably be sentenced to prison for life.”

Stancil reveals he had urges to kill Lane while he worked under him at the community college. Stancil claims he was later fired.

“I had to work under this person and put up with his stupidity,” said Stancil. “F*****s are f*****g morons. I’m doing my world a favor.”

On Monday, the prosecution also introduced evidence that affirmed Stancil’s previous claims that he is a white supremacist.

Authorities say they found a white pride flag and a KKK box, among other items, in a gun case owned by Stancil.

“I’m doing the world a favor by doing this. I’m doing my race a favor,” said Stancil in the video. “This person had to die. He was poison to the country, poison to my people.”

The prosecution rested its case on Monday afternoon. Testimony is expected to continue on Tuesday. It’s not known if Stancil will take the stand.


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