Horse and dog with throats slit found on NC woman’s property

RIMERTOWN, N.C. (WBTV) – A Cabarrus County woman is trying to find the people responsible for leaving a dead horse and a dead dog on her family’s property.

Melanie Thrift found the animals on her rural property on the Rowan/Cabarrus County line. She says she’s had animals dumped near her home before, but this time it was too far. She said both animals’ throats had been cut.

“My father lives in the first house,” Thrift said. “I’m always looking when coming through here because there are so many animals that are throwed out.”

It’s not uncommon for her to come across a deer or a dog that’s been disposed of.


“This has been a problem that’s been going on for 40 years now. We’ve had 11 animals just at my house that we have rescued from this area right here,” she said about the area where she found the horse and dog.

“It was sad,” she continued. “I mean, all it would have took was putting a post out there and I’m sure those animals could have found a happy home.”

Thrift decided to send out her own post – a message to the community asking them to help find the people who killed the animals. She snapped graphic photos of the bodies and posted them to Facebook.

“I just feel like it’s somebody in the area. Somebody knows something in Rimertown, and they just need to call the authorities so we can catch this person and put them away,” she said.

Thrift says the animals didn’t have any tags or identification on them. She just wishes the person responsible had come to her first.

“I myself would gladly have took them and at least found some place for them to go,” she said. “There was no need for these animals’ throats to be cut and for them to die like this.”

The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office said they did send a deputy out to look at the bodies before they were removed. They are looking into the case but do not have many leads.

Anyone with information should call the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office at 704-920-3000.

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