Raleigh neighbors concerned about string of car, home break-ins

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Three downtown Raleigh neighborhoods are the site of not just car break-ins, but home burglaries. The victims are in the Five Points, Mordecai and Glenwood-Brooklyn neighborhoods.

“Yesterday morning we had a string of car break-ins that came through,” said Phil Vest, the victim of a home burglary. “There was three on this street. There was one over on Clifton. There was one on Harding.”

Vest lives in the Mordecai neighborhood on Frank Street. He says he tried to file a police report when his car was broken into, but officers never came. Then when he got home from work Tuesday he discovered his home had been broken into.

“I feel real violated about it,” said Vest. “It’s not a situation that you wanna wake up to.”


He thinks the burglars picked the lock on his back door, because the lock is now broken.

“Mostly personal electronics, laptop, video game systems that sort of thing,” Vest said.

This weekend another couple in the Glenwood-Brooklyn area had their car stolen and their home broken into. All together the crooks made off with more than $30,000 worth of loot, including jewelry, electronics and, of course, their car.

“It definitely makes me think about double and triple checking everything,” said Vest. “I don’t like the fact that I feel that way about it, but I’m definitely a lot more on edge living here now.”

Vest says police need to step up their patrols in these neighborhoods.

Raleigh police did arrest some people a few weeks ago in connection with the break-ins, but neighbors say the situation isn’t getting any better.

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