NC community outraged after dead horse cut up, left in dumpster


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — People who live off Thorne Grove Lane and Amity Springs Lane want to know who left large trash bags with a horse carcass inside in their private dumpster.

A maintenance worker said he was compacting the trash last Thursday morning when he saw the trash bags with blood seeping out. He called police. The worker says when officers opened the bags, they said it was a horse.

“Yeah, it was pretty surprising. I don’t know why somebody would do that,” said Will Smith, who lives at one of the properties. “It’s just unethical. It’s not really right. It seems like somebody was trying to hide something or they were up to something, or they were committing a crime of some kind.”

Residents say what’s puzzling is not knowing where the horse came from or how it died. Was it a natural death? Was it killed?


The dumpster is on a lane off the main road. It isn’t visible while just driving by.

Doug Talley, the property manager for the Homeowners Association, says they believe someone from outside the community dumped the trash bags.

“One of the ladies reported there was a flatbed truck parked here on Thorne Grove Lane and that’s who was dumping the material in here,” Talley says. “And we don’t allow commercial vehicles on the property.”

Talley says police were notified and city crews eventually removed the bags with the carcass.

One woman who lives in the area told WBTV, “I think it’s pretty horrible. I’ve lived here for 26 years and I’ve seen so many changes that are just terrible.”

Residents say this is the second time someone dumped animal remains in their private dumpster. They say a couple months ago the remains of a large animal were left in trash bags as well.

They want to the whole community to be on the look-out as they explore measures to increase security near the dumpster.

Talley says options include cameras.

“We’ve alerted the police for extra trips though, and try to alert all the residents out here to be on the outlook for illegal dumping,” he said.

Some people who live in the area say word had already spread about what happened.

“The fact that somebody used our community as a dump site is, you know, kind of disturbing,” Smith said. “I hope they catch the person. My idea would be to put an outside hidden camera somewhere to see if you can catch him next time – get a plate or a face on the person.”

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